All the Fairytale Reflections

Back in summer 2010, I had the idea to approach a number of well-known fantasy writers whose work I admire (and many of whom I am lucky enough to be able to count as friends) and ask each of them to write a guest post about fairy tales for this blog. I wanted them to choose a tale or tales with particular personal meaning or resonance for them, and then simply talk about them in any way they chose. 

Each post begins with my own brief introduction to the writer's own work, so that if you haven't already come across them, you'll get a taste. These are people whose books I love: it's a great chance to grab you by the sleeve and say, "Hey, read these guys!  They are amazing!"

The first 'Fairytale Reflections' series began in September 2010 and ran until March 2012. It was full of wonderful essays by brilliant writers with plenty to say about the fairy tales they love. The range was witty, erudite, often deeply personal and moving.

Here in order of appearance, are all the links, so you can revisit your favourites and discover the ones you missed. Please enjoy!

Fairytale Reflections 

Katherine Langrish on The Juniper Tree

Adèle Geras on Hansel and Gretel  

Susan Price on Silvertree and Goldentree

Mary Hoffman on The Fisherman and His Wife

Kate Forsyth on Rapunzel

Katherine Roberts on The Snow Queen

Lucy Coats on Baba Yaga

Sue Purkiss on The Wild Swans

Delia Sherman on The Snow Child

Cassandra Golds on The Little Mermaid

Megan Whalen Turner on The Provensen Book of Fairytales

John Dickinson on The Thousand and One Nights

Juliet Marillier on Beauty and the Beast

Celia Rees on Blodeuedd - The Maiden Made of Flowers

Gillian Philip on Tam Lin

Leslie Wilson on The Bremen Town Musicians

Jane Yolen on Fakelore versus Folklore

Inbali Iserles on Rumpelstiltskin

Midori Snyder on The Monkey Girl

Ellen Renner on The Master-Maid

Katherine Langrish on The King Who Had Twelve Sons

Terri Windling on Fairytales

Gwyneth Jones on Perseus and Andromeda

Nick Green on Dick Whittington And His Cat 

Katherine Langrish on Weird Tales From Northern Seas

Pauline Fisk on Wild Edric

Joanne Harris on The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Lily Hyde on The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach

Sally Prue on The Enchanted Mirror

Fiona Dunbar on Cinderella

Candy Gourlay on The Legend of the Pineapple

Penny Dolan on Wayland's Smithy

Katherine Langrish on Happily Ever After

Katherine Langrish on Briar Rose

Katherine Langrish on Jorinda and Joringel