Saturday 18 November 2023

'The Tale of the Three Weird Sisters: Lost Fairy Tales' for the Folklore Podcast


This is just to give notice that a week today, on Saturday 25th November at 8pm GMT, I'll be giving an online lecture for the wonderful Folklore Podcast about my search for 'Lost Fairy Tales of 16th & 17th Century England and Scotland'. I'll be talking about fairy tales of which we know nothing but the names, others which have survived by the skin of their teeth, and some which can be inferred from references in poems and plays. It's been a lot of fun to research!

Here's the link to all the lectures: if you'd like to find mine, just scroll down.


  1. We also have a lost late-18th century tale titled "Norah na Vodha and the Bear of Worroway", cited by Thomas Knightley in his 1834 book. Judging by its title, its possible to be a predecessor to the Black Bull of Norroway.