Friday, 4 June 2010

Unicorn Glitter Award

What a surprise!  The Reclusive Muse of fantasy writer Katherine Roberts (her muse is in fact a rather splendid magical unicorn) has awarded this blog one of her very first Unicorn Glitter Awards, "for bloggers who post in the spirit of the enchanted mists."  I've always been a big fan of Katherine's books (look out for the Echorium Sequence, beginning with Song Quest), so I'm especially pleased with this.  You can see the award in the margin to the right of this post.

Like other magical gifts, however, the rule is not to hang on to it in a selfish way, but to pass it on. 

And so, in no particular order, I'd like to give the Unicorn Glitter Award to Scribble City CentralThe Fairytale Cupboard, Charlotte's Library, and Imagination in Focus

Under the terms of the award I am also enjoined to tell you all my favourite book, film, poem or song, myth or legend, and enchanted creature (this is hard!):

Fantasy book:  Almost impossible to say, there are so many.  But I would find it hard to do without Tolkien and Ursula K Le Guin.

Film:  Hmmm - I don't watch that many!  But one which made a big impression was Jean Cocteau's black and white classic of 'La Belle et la Bete'.

Poem/song:  'Byzantium' by WB Yeats (and Cavafy's 'Ithaka')

Myth/Legend:  Again, very difficult, but perhaps the Orpheus myth from the Greeks, and Yggdrasil the World Tree from the Norse mythology.

Enchanted Creature:  Has to be the Phoenix!

Many thanks to Katherine and her Muse!

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  1. Good choices, Kath.

    Ah yes, I also love the phoenix... and once wrote a fantasy novel called FIREFLYER where my heroine rode one of these magical birds (but don't tell my unicorn, or he'll get jealous!)