Wednesday 4 January 2012

New Year's Resolution

Well, this is what my desk looks like this morning.  Which is actually healthy and a good thing: it means I'm getting back to work, and am therefore surrounded by a clutter of files, notes, and piles of reference books.  And I can't find a pen anywhere...

I'm happy, and very busy, because I'm writing a new book at last and I want to get it finished by the summer.  This doesn't mean I won't be blogging, but it does mean I've got to be very organised about my time.   And lurking here on the blog are all the fascinating 'Fairytale Reflections' written by generous and wonderful fantasy authors such as Juliet Marillier, Susan Price, Mary Hoffman and Megan Whalen Turner - to name but a few.  And who has time to go back through the blog to find them?  So, beginning this Friday, I'm going to re-run them.  (And there may be a few surprises!)  On top of that, I'll be writing fairly regular new posts whenever something springs to mind on fantasy, folklore, myth and children's literature.  Oh, and today I'm over at The History Girls writing about historical research and the importance of world-building in all sorts of fiction. 

New year's resolutions have a name for being broken, so I'm not making any, but what I wish for myself and to all of you this year is Resolution itself  - determination to work and succeed -

'To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield'.

Happy 2012 !


  1. And I've just spotted that pen - in the photo! Can't see for looking...

  2. That Tennyson quote was my Dad's favourite and RESOLUTION is what I wish you and myself and all others writing a book this year. I envy you being right at the start. Mine has been going on too long altogether but am RESOLVED to finish it! And fairytales again is a very good idea! Hurray!

  3. All the best in the New Year, Katherine!

  4. Thankyou Adele - and your wonderful Hansel and Gretel reflection is first on the list!

    Lynn, thanks - and to you too!