Friday 4 March 2011

West of the Moon tour (6)

I thought it might be helpful to add a list of the places 'West of the Moon' has already been on tour - do click the links if you haven't seen them.

RECLUSIVE MUSE (in which I talk about the Nis, the little house spirit who befriends Peer)
SCRIBBLE CITY CENTRAL (in which Lucy Coats reviews the book and I answer her Burning Question)
MOSTLY BOOKS (in which I am interviewed)
MR RIPLEY'S ENCHANTED BOOKS (in which I talk about the creation of fantasy worlds) 

Now for the exciting part!  Head over to Scribble City Central  once again and find out how to win one of four copies  of 'West of the Moon' - and the competition is international, so everyone gets a chance!

And if you can't wait, and happen to own a Kindle, you can download the book here - or you can order it from any good bookshop or from Amazon.

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