Tuesday 8 March 2011

West of the Moon tour (9)

So here I am this morning over at the Bookwitch being interviewed by the Bookwitch herself, while her talented photographer prowls around snapping...

I appear to be talking far too much, and at a great pace too, but they are very patient with me and offer me sandwiches (probably in an effort to shut me up for a few seconds!)

I'm like this when I get excited.  And I seem to have confused them about watermills.  But I certainly had fun!


  1. I've just come from that interview, Katherine, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I've also just received the copy of "West of the Moon" I'd ordered, and am looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. (Might have to arm-wrestle my son for first dibs, though.)

  2. A good woman can talk and chew at the same time. The sandwiches did slow you down, though.

  3. Lynn, I hope you'll like it after all this!

    Bookwitch - just as well. Imagine what I would have been like unhindered!

  4. Right...think I will purrowl down the road and visit Bookwitch!