Saturday 5 March 2011

West of the Moon tour (7) The Realms of Gold

My host at Asamum Booktopia this morning, Emma, asked if I would write about what public libraries have meant to me, and as I did so, I realised more and more about how very important they've always been in my life.  To me, shutting down a library is like pulling out another of the foundation stones of civilisation.  They are one of the few public places left where everyone and anyone can feel at home.  In fact, I can't think of an alternative indoor public space where you don't have to pay, or explain your business, or dress a certain way or to a certain standard, or buy anything - even a coffee! - and you can stay quietly reading all day if you want to, in company with others, safe and warm.  And that's even before I get on to the books... Please come and join me in the realms of gold!

Picture credit: Eldorado, Dreamworks

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  1. Oh absolutely. My local library is my other home. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in a library or a house with a lot of books. Good libraries have open minds and express all sorts of views.