Monday 7 March 2011

West of the Moon tour (8)

This morning I'm writing to you from Wales (actually).  I'm sitting on a low, comfy, faded sofa in front of a wood fire, surrounded by old stone walls.  The dog is gnawing a bone.  Outside are beautiful mountains (which later on we'll be walking up); and when I woke this morning I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful red fox running towards the house over the grey frosty field.
However, such are the wonders of modern technology, I am also to be found this morning at wonderful Wondrous Reads, where I will be talking about monsters - vampires, zombies, the whole nine yards. 

Oh - and what happened when Frankenstein met the Wolf Man...

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  1. Prrurrp - may I have some of your weather purrlease? Glad to see you are still touring - must go and visit!